In-Person DUI Screenings and DUI Classes Are Required in Iowa

Pathways instructor presenting during DUI classes in Iowa. For drivers charged with an Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) in the state of Iowa, the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa Department of Transportation requirements under Iowa Law 321J.2 and 321J.17 state that you must complete a state-approved, mandatory in-person drunk driving education program, including DUI screenings and DUI classes. The requirement must be met before your driver's license can be reinstated. All civil penalties and reinstatement fees must be paid in full as well.

Pathways offers DUI screenings and DUI classes for those charged with OWI. Our treatment begins with an assessment/evaluation by a certified substance abuse counselor. During the evaluation, the counselor gathers information from the individual and uses standardized tools to help determine which level of care and types of services are needed. Based on the assessment, the counselor may recommend that he or she become involved in one of our prevention programs or one of our addiction treatment options.

The fees for DUI screenings and DUI classes offered by Pathway are consistent with fees statewide. Call our main office in Waterloo, Iowa, at 319-235-6571 for information on times and availability.

As a Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, Pathways works together with the communities we serve, handling referrals from the Department of Juvenile Court Services, schools, employers, the Department of Human Services and other agencies.


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