Restore Happiness with Personalized Mental Health & Addiction Counseling

Pathways therapist providing alcohol treatment and addiction counseling in Iowa.Are you or a loved one seeking freedom from behavioral health issues? The road to recovery seems overwhelming, but the first step is acknowledging the type of mental illness or substance use disorder. Through personalized mental health and addiction counseling, the specialists at Pathways Behavioral Services will recommend a restorative care mental health program and the right drug or alcohol treatment plan.

Our mental health and substance abuse services include outpatient counseling and community support services matched up with addiction treatment options.

Pathways Behavioral Services for addiction include:

  • Group or individual mental health counseling
  • Family and marital counseling
  • Educational and preventive programs
  • School-based programs
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Extended outpatient treatment
  • Residential In-patient substance abuse treatment
  • Medically monitored detox services
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Outpatient problem-gambling treatment
  • 24-hour emergency services

Get Help Today from a Licensed Behavioral Health Team

A therapist providing addiction counseling to a pregnant woman.With Pathways, you’re never alone on your journey to restore peace and happiness in your life. The behavioral health team at Pathways includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, clinical social workers, licensed mental health counselors and substance use disorder counselors. We provide diagnosis, addiction counseling, and drug and alcohol treatment at our office locations in Waterloo and Waverly and area schools in Black Hawk, Bremer, Butler and Chickasaw counties.

Your path to recovery and wellness starts today with Pathways. Call 319-352-2064 for more information about mental health and addiction counseling or to schedule an appointment.

Links to Additional Behavioral Health & Addiction Counseling Services

Integrated Health Home Services – Pathways provides Integrated Health Home Services to children.

Prevention – Pathways offers a wider variety of addiction prevention services for children, adolescents and parents.

OWI Screens – Pathways provides substance abuse screenings for young drivers who have been charged with Operating While intoxicated (OWI).

OWI Class – Pathways provides the 12-hour mandated OWI/DUI class required by the Iowa Department of Transportation. Drivers younger than 18 who have been charged with an OWI are required to take this class from a Licensed Substance Abuse Agency. Pathways is a Licensed Substance Abuse Agency.

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