“I came in for a substance abuse evaluation.  The counselor I worked with was a great guy.  He helped me and made me feel comfortable through the whole process.  I had a very good experience and would recommend to anybody who needs help to come here.”

— Outpatient Client at Pathways’ University Avenue location in Waterloo

“This program was wonderful!  I know the students learned a lot!  All the kids love the puppets.  Such a vital part of our students’ education.”

— 2nd grade teacher about Pathways’ 2nd grade 6 week puppet prevention program

“My Pathways counselor helped to prove to myself that I am a stronger person than I felt like before I came into this program.  My counselor was easy to talk to and non-judgmental.  This is program really has helped me.”

— Adult Client in Pathways’ Mental Health Treatment program in Waverly

“Everyone was very kind and made me feel comfortable especially since I was so nervous.  I look forward to coming back.”

— Outpatient Client about first visit at Pathways Independence Office

“I am a recovering alcohol and substance abuse addict.  I began abusing drugs at a very young age.  Alcohol and drug use stole important moments in my life like graduating on time and completing my 5 years in the Navy.  I almost lost the two most important people in my life- my beautiful wife and the most amazing son a father could wish for.  I came to Pathways residential program to get my job and my family back.  While at Pathways, I gained a whole arsenal of techniques and advice to work through my substance use. My awesome counselors, the residential technicians and my peers taught me so much.   Pathways’ Residential Treatment has changed my life for the better and I am ready to take an active role in my life and get back to what is truly important to me- my family.”

— Residential Substance Abuse Client

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